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uo51a is up plz go to website!
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WELCOME TO R.I.P PvP Free Shard!

We merged forces and reference files for use by the staff of UO51a. We have used the 2000 World from RIP and cleaned out out revamped OSI style.
Now adding in all the extras.
Shard is always up.
will be moving to main server in a week or 2 and then opening completely.
If you join now though the first 50 players get a free house and GM all skills.
10 regulars have already joined after one week of shard being online 24/7 and we are not even open out of "test server" phase because its completely playable already. Please visit the page below and either install the full game which has the shard files and double check the cfg. or if you have the game dl the shard files link and swap out you know the drill if you understand how to do this and check the cfg as usual.

UO51a/RIP is up our status does not reflect this because we are moving server to a super bad ass 25K server in about a week.

They have welcomed me into what is about to be the most stable, secure, built out, maxed pvp, crafting, pvm shard from 99.

UO51a GM/Dev Contact:

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